"I wanted to get her a unique engagement ring - one that means something to both of us. I knew exactly what I wanted, but it took me a while to find someone who could make it."

"The guy who made it has a really cool story. He severed his left hand in a carpentry accident when he was at a job site, and his life crumbled around him. He went through 12 surgeries in two years and his wife almost left him because of his depression. He then started making wood, and metal and wood rings, and their success helped him turn his life around. When I saw his work and read his story, I stopped looking for a ring maker."

"The diamond is from a ring that belonged to my grandmother. It's been passed down from her to my mother, and now it lives on my fiancee's finger. She worked on boats and was a boat captain, so the ring of wood is made of teak. Teak is known as 'boat wood' because it's water resistant and is often used in boat-building. It's also native to the country I'm from."